Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our First Zoo Trip

We took our first zoo trip today as a family, and it was a day I will never forget.  I am having a hard time going to sleep thinking of all the fun and sweet things my little guy did today! The last time Michael and I went to the Nashville Zoo, was last May 2010. Michael Lee was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit then. We went for a few hours with Michael's family and a walk for cystic fibrosis. I was reflecting on that moment, I had such a sadness in me that day. Michael Lee was doing well, but we didn't know when the next down would hit or how low it could go, praise God it didn't hit, but there was that fear. I looked at the animals and wondered if we would ever all three be there together, would Michael Lee ever get to experience a zoo? Today we were there just the three of us almost a year later and it was fabulous! I know he is a little young to fully experience the zoo, so we plan to go back probably plenty of times in the next few years! But it was amazing how much he did experience and see, and he really enjoyed a lot of it too! It felt so good to just enjoy my family and the sunshine. To watch my little guy take notice of a monkey and look at me and smile. Or to watch father and son taking in the fish and bats and grin at each other. Michael just really looks at his daddy with such admiration and I love seeing him smile at his daddy with all the love. He is such a good example to his son, as a father and a husband and I just feel such pride toward both my boys. I always loved the zoo, but nothing could have prepared me for the wonderful moments I felt today with the amazing family God has blessed me with! Our first zoo trip has been the best zoo trip!

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